Recurring Event Schedule Spring 2014

And finally, the socials announcement!
Sorry for delay everyone.
We’re going to go with two types of event, and will alternate them every week.

Week 1 – Casual Hack and Talks
We’ll be meeting somewhere (location tbc week before event) for an evening of hacking and talks. Lightning talk slots open for anyone brave. If you have a topic you want covered, suggest it and we’ll try to do so or find someone who can! The next one of these will be in the Hub, CS, Jubilee on the 13th, and will be our Hardware Hacking workshop, going over Arduino, Makey Makey, Pi and AR.Drone in detail.

Week 2 – Beginners Java
This will run throughout the semester, and will take you from absolutely no experience, up to producing Android apps (we hope). The pace will be set by the attendees so everyone can follow along, and we hope to have you all hacking in no time! The first one of these will be on the 20th of February, in the Hub, CS, Jubilee.

So to summarise:
13th – Hardware talk,
20th – Beginners Java,
27th – Talk/Casual Hack
6th- Beginners Java continued.
If a session isn’t on due to exams/other event/catastrophe/viral outbreak, we will notify everyone via email and Facebook.
Room locations and topics will be confirmed the week prior to an event.
For any questions, to request a topic or to volunteer to give a talk, please email mail@hacksocnotts.co.uk or comment on Facebook.

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HackSoc Hackday

First batch of tickets is now out for our second hackathon!

Join us in Nottingham for a 24 hour hackathon!

  • Hack for 24 hours,
  • Great location and facilities,
  • Food and drink provided throughout, with 4 meals,
  • Awesome sponsors,
  • Swag and prizes!

Tickets open to all students. Questions? Tweet @hacksocnotts or email mail@hacksocnotts.co.uk

Sponsored by:

  • Facebook
  • Twilio
  • SendGrid
  • Capital One


In association with the University of Nottingham Students’ Union.

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End of Semester one; what a semester!

Hello everyone!
Just wanted to drop a quick post out thanking you all for a fantastic semester. The response to HackSoc has been incredible. Myself and the rest of the exec have been overwhelmed with the enthusiasm.
As previously noted, we’re going to try and bring in some huge improvements for next year. As part of that, we bought on a new exec member earlier in the semester (thanks for all who voted) and have changed our event schedule. Details of the new schedule will materialise over Christmas.

So I wanted to do a quick recap of all the awesome stuff that has happened this year:

  • We have attended 9 national hackathons and had prize winning hacks at 5! Some of the hacks we’ve attended have been some of the biggest to ever be held in the UK, such as Hacked.io.
  • We grew from 35 to 150+ members in 8 months. This still boggles my mind, we never expected this kind of uptake. It’s a bit of a rocky road adjusting to the rapid growth, but I hope the improvements next semester appeal and keep you coming to events!
  • We invested £1000 in equipment and hardware for members to use. Don’t forget about this equipment! We have stuff appropriate for all levels, and adding a physical element to your projects is great fun and increases the speed you can learn new concepts.
  • We held 7 talks, on topics ranging from beginners Python to musical programming. Next semester we’re going to fix the schedule to provide more talks targetted at different ability levels, so any beginners who found it too hard, or experienced members who found it boring, stick with it! Thanks to all of our guest speakers.
  • We held the first ever hackathon in the University. Hackday attracted over 70 hackers throughout the night, and we had some cracking talks and hacks produced. Hackday 2.0 in semester 2 will be bigger and better, details to be announced soon!

So once again, a big thank you to you all for being involved. If you have any comments, feedback, talk requests (or offers), please email mail@hacksocnotts.co.uk.
Have a fantastic holiday, and good luck in the January exams!

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Update to Recurring Event Schedule

Hello everyone!
I come with some good news and some bad news.
This year, the composition of our members is a bit different to what it was last year, and to what we expected. Our recurring event schedule was designed for a mostly experienced member base who would wanted a kind of flying overview of a lot of interesting topics from which they could look into more if they needed.
We’ve found instead, and have received feedback to this effect, that we have many more beginners interested in learning to program. Our current sessions, whilst beginner friendly, aren’t as effective here as we would like.

So we’re going to have a bit of a reshuffle. Our aim is to provide a complete course in which the sessions will follow on one from the other, from zero programming knowledge, taking you up to developing complete programs. This will take a while to put together, so we are going to discontinue our weekly tutorial schedule effective immediately, until the start of the new semester in January. As part of this new course, we will also provide a stream suitable for experienced programmers.

Whilst this means there will be no more regular tutorials this semester, we are still planning events for this semester and will introduce some new style events soon. We will announce the replacement events through emails and the Facebook as normal.

The next event is likely to be November 28th, we will release more details soon!

If there are any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We appreciate your patience, it’s quite a learning experience running these sort of events with a membership base that has grown from 30 to 140+ in the space of 8 months!


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“A hacker is someone who loves to program or enjoys playful cleverness, or a combination of the two. The act of engaging in activities (such as programming or other media) in a spirit of playfulness and exploration is termed hacking.”

HackSoc is a society dedicated to providing for Hackers or aspiring Hackers at the University of Nottingham. We welcome members of all ability levels, from the startup veteran to those saying their first “Hello World!”. We run a variety of regular events, covering tutorials, themed hackathons, competitions and an algorithms programming team for ACM style contests. We also regularly attend events across the country, such as Hacked.io and Space Apps.

If you are interested in learning to program, have an idea for an app or business that could use a programmers touch, or simply want to see what all the fuss is about, feel free to browse the website, join our Facebook, check out our Twitter, or drop into our IRC. All of our social network channels are available through the icons at the bottom of the page. Alternatively, see the ‘Events’ page for the next event and come along!

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